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According to Dr. Walfish, you may be dreaming about your mother, but the meaning of the dream may not necessarily have anything to do with her. Walfish tells Elite Daily, "It does not necessarily mean that it's about your mother. It might represent, symbolically, that you may be in a relationship that's conflicted.

However, Walfish says dreams are typically a direct result of the thoughts of your subconscious, so it'll behoove you to dissect and pay close attention to them. Dreams can be very telling of other circumstances in your life that may be affecting you on a deeper level. If you're dreaming about you and your mom fighting, or her possibly ignoring you, or even your mother dying, these can all be symbolic of the existing relationships in your life.

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  7. Walfish explains, "What you should do is ask yourself, 'What is the nature of the relationship that I have with my mom? Is it an overprotective relationship? Is it warm and fuzzy? Is it distant and disconnected?

    My Mom Entered Without Knocking And Saw Me And My Stepdad

    Is your mother controlling? And then what you want to do is examine the relationships you're in right now and ask yourself where you feel a similarity. So, the inner meaning of the dream may not even have anything to do with your mom.

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    For example, it could be with your boss or a partner who might be getting on your nerves. What if you dream about your mother after she has passed away? Is there a unique type of symbolism in this context? Walfish, this could also mean a plethora of things, ranging from yearning for your mom's presence in her physical form, to feeling generally unresolved with her passing.

    She explains, "It might mean you miss her; it might mean you're unresolved in the closure. It might mean you feel safe with her more than anyone else.

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    It could also mean it's your attempt at saying goodbye, to find peace. She says, "But the dreams are usually not about the character in the dreams. I think maybe it was the justification he used for that and how he treated my mum for having what he thought was an affair.


    Mum, Tell Me

    The family was "happy, but my parents were broke, my mum made my clothes, my dad said we moved when the rent was due," he told me. He even took a few wobbly first steps with a little assistance from his mum , of course. Suddenly she is cast adrift without the bank of mum and dad. But wait a bit, mum , if you wouldn't mind that, I've got a sister who's got a very nice room.

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    But I'm blessed if that whole gang didn't go as mum as a lot of railroad hands after a smash-up. Not if youll kindly indulge me, mum —I must be where I can watch the bell. Explore the different words people have come up with to describe their moms, dads, and grandparents.

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    We might just toss in the random uncle, aunt, and cousin too. Most of these have an unknown origin except where cited by region. Words related to mum bashful , shy , still , quiet , mute , closemouthed , reserved , secretive , soundless , speechless , tight-lipped , tongue-tied , uncommunicative , unsociable , voiceless , muted , nonvocal , wordless. Words nearby mum multiwall , multiwindow , multnomah falls , multum in parvo , multure , mum , mum's the word , mum-and-dad investor , mumbai , mumble , mumbletypeg.

    Idioms for mum mum's the word , do not reveal what you know about something ; keep silent: Mum's the word, or the surprise party won't be a surprise. Origin of mum 1 —; Middle English momme; imitative.