Treacherys Wake (D&D Retrospective)

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Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. Carnasso casts Light, revealing a narrow bridge over a pit darkened deeper than Light's radius , and a door on the other side. Where it comes to pass that: Feraq evades a rockslide. We fall in pit, meet vampire. Ropes break mysteriously. Feraq dances lightly across the bridge. At the 3-wheel door, he wiggles the middle wheel — and Evades tons of rock falling from above!

Is buried. Troykin scurries across and aids Feraq. But then Troykin falls off the ledge; Feraq instantly launches himself down into the pit and grabs Troykin , activating his feather-fall ring! Floating to the bottom, they report all okay. Then Kaladagrim comes out! Ulth throws down a spear; Garn starts climbing down to help. Ulth tosses Garn 's pack down at random, rolls a natural 20!

Confusion at top of pit. Ulth and Lizardman lower Carnasso tied by the ankle with the remaining rope, so he can cast upside-down and suspended; he gets off some Magic Missiles. But there is jostling at the top? Or is somebody pushed? Or did Ulth just let go of the rope thinking the lizardman could hold it easily? Regardless, Carnasso falls and so does Ohsormak who splats fatally.

The vampire turns himself into mist, and floats through a slick wall. Feraq finds it illusionary. On the other side, a temple to Hextor in inky-black Deeper Darkness.

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Hextor's six-arrow sigil, with the arrows labeled clockwise from top : Individuality, Conquest, Betrayal, Discord, Fitness, Prowess. In magic writing: Hextor came before Hextor will remain long after Those who are fit and worthy Cast off the stultifying shackles of your false gods If you dare to enter his holy sanctum Touch his hand Bless his holy name Fresh blood will show the way Find bowl with a dagger, a bit of blood, sticks, all held by a hand reaching out of the stone floor.

Dannix adds his own blood to the bowl and mutters something; his stick glows. Amos disappears. Feraq uses very dim light; leads Garn.

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Then he runs off for a bit. Garn slowly feels his way back to the pit-bottom, finds Feraq setting Garn 's pack back down. Let's go back. Dannix locates an altar at the far end of the room, and feels on ceiling to find a lantern presumably emanating darkness. We all go out to pit-bottom. Dannix quickly wastes — er, uses — Heat Metal on the lantern, but it takes a magic weapon to destroy. I'll dent my weapon!

Why are you acting so strangely?

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Feraq climbs up to top of pit, but something hurls him back the feather-fall ring saving his butt again , laughing evilly. The party prepares to camp. During watch, Garn can't see Feraq quietly shredding cloth…. Where it is revealed that: We attack Kaladagrim; Troykin , Feraq down levels. Dannix cooks Holy Garlic Wafers, kaladiagrim goes poof. Attack shade; barely keep Amos from killing Webber. Lift curse!

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In town, scout behind enemy zombie lines. Garn on watch, sees a face peek out of the illusionary wall. Feraq tumbles down; combat on razor-blade slope. Garn blindfights through illusionary wall with reach weapon.

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Kaladagrim eventually drops his masterwork axe, and hits with his strong arm — Feraq tumbles by but gets hit for two levels. Feraq gets poisoned, loses two more. Karnasso unleashes magic missiles and acid arrows and more magic missiles. Troykin gets drained for 2 lvl. More pitched battle. Vampire is hurting, so the sissy goes incorporeal, and vapors away.

We search the temple. A few random coffins found, and destroyed, but they were empty. Aha, there 's our missile attractor! A cornucopia thingie near the ceiling. The whole party, with bull-strengthed Garn , lifts it aside, where the vampire is recovering in a trance. We stake him through the heart and cut off his head. Feraq tries pitoning out the opposite wall. A stone door is thrown down on him, that we'd attached the rope to. Amos uses his Quaal's Feather Token, Crrrreak, as a tree sprouts, grows, spreads and unhaltingly grows to 80 ft in less than a minute! Feraq dashes up.. Meanwhile, Dannix cooks up some Holy Garlic Wafers: casts heat metal, bless on some dough, and concescrate. Stuffing these into the vampire's head — it goes up in a gruesome conflagration.

Ulth catches up to party Amos still missing , from town. Apparently Ulth had, at the top of the pit last night, faced an evil shadowy creature. It reached through his armor and into his chest, placing an icy grip on his heart, upping his panic level a couple of notches, as he ran. Garn has a conversation with the King's sarcophagus: Hurry, reclaim the queen's defiled bones that you left outside last night!

Party status: Ulth -5 str, Feraq -4 str, -4 levels; Troykin -2 levels; vampire - dead. You must have unity — your name is chaos! Penance is eternal — Siaro, Servant of Horal.