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The young are also unique in along with the even stranger hoatzin possessing claws at the wing joint that allow them to clamber about the branches. As we know, hand-raised birds often imprint upon humans and mature into animals that, while good pets, behave somewhat abnormally. Zoos seeking to release hand-reared birds back to the wild, as has been done with California Condors, utilize hand puppets when feeding the nestlings to prevent imprinting.

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Even when tossed away gently, of course! She was equally aggressive to other birds, forcing me to install an opaque barrier between her cage and her neighbors, in order to give them some peace. The accompanying photograph shows my friend not seeking a treat or a scratch on the head, but an opportunity to peck at whatever part of me presents itself!

Introducing the Turacos (Family Musophagidae), With Notes on an Unusual Individual

Bloody Mary aside, turacos make spectacular additions to the collections of advanced hobbyists, but they do need a huge flight cage. Incomplete recording, only last few notes of a short song burst bird-seen:no playback-used:no. Same bird as XC bird-seen:no playback-used:no. The Salient, Aberdares, Nyeri, Kenya.

Taita Hills, Ngangao Forest, Kenya. Thigiri Forest, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Several pairs in the forest bird-seen:yes. Kirinyaga County, Kenya. Arusha, Arusha, Arusha Region, Tanzania.

Gatwamba Forest, Kenya. Same individual bird as in previous recording XC bird-seen:yes playback-used:no. Previous Figure Next Figure.

Red-Crested Turaco

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