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This book's well-drawn characters and suspenseful plot ensures that it cannot be pigeonholed by political or social philosophy. However, Americans need to heed the moral of the story, lest we find ourselves in an untenable situation. I really enjoyed the book and I'm already looking forward to the next one from L. The story connects the reader with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, while exposing how many environmental zealots have turned the experience into a nature-worshipping religion, and others exploit the movement for personal profit and power.

While the book is far from being anti-environment, it clearly defines how false environmental scare stories are often created or exaggerated to advance an anti-human agenda which is penetrating our public schools and federal agencies.

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Coffman, Ph. Hoffman, I read it cover to cover and I literally could not put it down. The engaging mystery of a shooting, Wolves in Wyoming, Anna O'Neil and a community eaten up in the war for the protection of wildlife and the environment. This story is a fictionalized account of the battle for the wolves in Wyoming and the moral of the story is one that every citizen needs to hear.

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The story drags you in through its characters on a day by day account of the lives of the citizens of Pristine Valley. This is a story that hunters, conservationists and environmentalists as well as every day citizens need to read.

This book should be required reading for environmental science programs across the country. The moral of the story is to learn and understand all sides of the situation and do not blindly follow the path of any organization. The story is very well developed, well written and will maintain a place on my book shelf for years to come!

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Paulson, HuntingLife. Greed and lust for power, cloaked in altruism. What if you believed in something that cost the life of someone you loved?

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  5. Murder in Maine, wolves in Wyoming, and a fugitiveone life-changing summer for wolf biologist, Anna O'Neil. She needs answers. Who shot her father and why? Then, the arrival of a mysterious document forces Anna to examine her own beliefs and gives her the key to restore a divided community. But, first, she must find the courage to confront a hidden evil and catch her father's killer.

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