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But with technology, there are usually too many core concepts you have to understand before you can move on to a specific topic. So in your talk, do the opposite: go from general to specific.

One of the pitfalls of tech talks is the temptation to walk through the exact steps you took to get your well-oiled machine up and running. That certainly has its place and can be helpful to others, but consider time limitations and the nature of the event.

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Think about publishing your workflow as a blog post and sharing it out to the group for reference. An effective, enjoyable talk is all about context and curation.

Sign in Get started. Oct 4, I spoke at a networking event once and none of the 8—10 people left.

I took Communications , um, several times in college. Assume your audience is smart and capable but knows next to nothing about your topic.

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What made him an standout speaker was that he was: funny down-to-earth really good at telling you just what you needed to know to keep up with him Each of his slides had no more than a few key words that he expanded on in an almost story-like fashion, making you wonder what was coming next. Never miss a story from Hacker Noon , when you sign up for Medium. Learn more.