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Truly, thought is all-powerful and limitless. Certainly Vivekananda did not achieve complete Samadhi, but, not being sufficiently prepared for it physically, even the degree of Samadhi in which he was immersed brought its sad results. His earthly death was the result of this premature and forcible experience.

The human organism of our planetary cycle is still far from such perceptions, and therefore lengthy preparation is needed, not only for this kind of manifestation but also for lesser fiery ones. The very finest vibrations of the unregulated force of Kundalini may destroy a body which is not trained or tempered for its acceptance. Hence the freedom with which he writes about mechanical methods without clarifying all the dangers connected with such forcing.

Thousands of books dealing with easy mechanical methods of developing the hidden lower psychic powers are now thrown upon the world book market. In truth, these ignorant and irresponsible writers are collaborating with the forces of darkness. The latter want nothing so much as to open certain centers in people and thus get hold of them, and through them to join in earthly life in order to fulfill their dark plans. Indeed they are trying to retain around Earth an atmosphere polluted by the very low emanations necessary for their existence.

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Without doubt, simple, rhythmic breathing is in itself quite beneficial. People forget not only the benefit to be derived from fresh air but precisely how to breathe correctly, which actually is the foundation of our health. However, the pranayama of Hatha Yoga has nothing to do with such rhythmic breathing. The pranayama employed by the Hatha Yogis has as its purpose, by means of suspension of breath, rotation and other gymnastics, the arousing and calling forth of an influx of blood to certain centers, thus causing their increased activity.

But one can well imagine how harmful it can be for a man to arouse the centers that are in organs which, for some reason, are weakened or even diseased; certainly their diseased condition will only be intensified. That explains why there are so many unfortunate cases among those who practice pranayama under ignorant and irresponsible teachers. Let us bear in mind that precisely during the transmutation of the centers a tremendous tension and influx of blood toward them take place.

The Teacher must know how, at times, to transfer these tensions to a less dangerous place, or to divert the excess of blood, in order to avoid general conflagration and even fiery death.

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Believe me, the Teacher will not lose a single moment if a disciple is ready for such transmutation, and will provide whatever is necessary for his organism in accordance with his way of life. I have written enough to my correspondents about the harm of mechanical ways, and about the danger of the development of mediumship. For true discipleship, it is essential to apply the strength of the spirit and to know the truth, rather than to be tempted by all sorts of tricks, accessible to any medium.

After my definition of Samadhi, you can see how relative are illuminations. The concept of Infinity excludes the possibility of ever achieving absolute knowledge, and therein lies the entire grandeur—this is LIFE. Each Manvantara, each cycle has its truth, and humanity is given that portion of it which can be assimilated during that particular cycle. Of course, the Arhats cannot disagree on fundamental principles, but even they are perpetually learning and deepening their knowledge. Is it possible to imagine complete cognition? Surely that would be equivalent to annihilation!

Indeed, what then would happen with our consciousness, the very essence of which lies in perpetual motion and perception? Infinite is life, and infinite are its perceptions and possibilities. I will conclude my explanation, with joy in the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur. And now regarding the Voice of Silence, or the voice of the Invisible Teacher. Most certainly, this voice may not necessarily be the voice of our higher Ego, but precisely the voice of the Teacher; for these manifestations are almost indissolubly linked with each other.

In true spiritual development and not in the case of a medium our higher Ego is indeed receptive to the voice of the Invisible Teacher. Therefore, when we begin to hear the voice of the Teacher, we also hear the voice of our higher Ego. Once this formula is firmly realized, the mysticism which attracts you cannot be lost. Truly, we live in Infinity, and one should never lose sight of the significance of this majestic concept. Thus, trust your heart more; this is the only measurement, always and in everything. Regarding Mme. Kryjanovsky, for your information I may tell you that the best pages in her books are written, based, and compiled on automatic writings and also on the visions of her blind sister.

I was told this by a friend of their family. Besides, she was undoubtedly well acquainted with many occult writings. She certainly read the works of H. Blavatsky, for there is a quotation from The Secret Doctrine in her series of books about the Magi. But it is quite possible that H.

At the end of the last century, Western literature, particularly that in English, was enriched by not a small quantity of so-called occult novels, which often testified to the considerable spiritual enlightenment of their authors. Certain writers erroneously attempt to make a Celt and a western Initiate out of Rama, this purest Aryan, an Avatar of Vishnu, and the hero of the majestic epic poem the Ramayana. The Cycle of Rama definitely exists, because Rama is an Avatar of Vishnu, and consequently the energies of his spirit nourish the consciousness of humanity for a particular term, or cycle.

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Of course, his Agarta and the Supreme Pontiff are his peculiar refraction of the great Shambhala and its Lord. It is amusing to see how he mixed existing exoteric legends with the astral accumulations and instructions received by him from astral impersonators. He is a victim of irresponsible astral instructors. Thus, the name Vatan, given for a secret language sounds strange to an Orientalist.

According to him, he got this word from some initiated Brahmin, but in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian, vatan means motherland. Apparently, St. I have read his biography, and it is obvious that he was not a bad person, but that his mediumistic nature and his interest in spiritualism enfeebled his weak organism, resulting in mental imbalance. To show you to what extent the lofty concept of the Stronghold of the Great Brotherhood in its various aspects penetrates and lives in the consciousness of different nations, I will cite for you certain information about a presently existing society in the Far East.

This society has many members and, as I understand, accepts even foreigners into its midst. It has its sacred army, which has nothing in common with a military organization. However, it adheres strictly to the established hierarchic principles. Thus, according to their teaching, the world is now facing a crisis, after which its spiritual regeneration, or rather new birth, may be expected. Thus, all sorts of conferences, conflicts, all sorts of attractions and repulsions are greatly on the increase.

The second period of the Omens—political and economic failures due to international psychology. The first period of constructiveness—the enlightened reign of the Heavenly Emperor in the world, governmental order marked by monism of the religious cult and of the affairs of state. This will be a hegemony of Light over the world, dispensed by the Heavenly Emperor through the establishment of inviolable institutions of power, which by that time will be in effect.

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This enlightened reign will be expressed by a special term. The second period of constructiveness—the coming of divinely inspired rulers, representatives of science, technology, etc. At present, according to the members of this society, the world is in the second of the stages mentioned above. The prophets of this movement speak of the new world as the kingdom of Spirit, through direct communion of men with gods.

This, they say, will be an earthly life without disease and hardships; life illumined by the light of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Joy, and Love; life directed by the Heavenly Emperor on the principle of justice. In all this, the most remarkable thing is that this Great Plan was, they say, conceived many thousands of years ago and the Central World Encampment of the Great Gods upon the Sacred Mountain, where gods gather together, and its earthly projection is the mountain of this holy vicinity. So you can see how a great thought is refracted by all nations, and inevitably each one of them attributes the main role to its own people and country.

Do not blame T. The deliberately distorted ideas regarding Russia held even today by foreigners only reveal their ignorance. For the majority of foreigners, Russia was and is a country of vandalism, all sorts of violations and license, and, above all, of profound ignorance. Even the best minds believe that Russia has not progressed very far since the times of Ivan the Terrible.

Civilization has supplanted the meaning of culture, and many do not understand that one can be a civilized savage.

People forget that the accumulations of culture are gathered over centuries, whereas civilization can be established in one decade. It is true that there cannot be any disagreement among the Arhats, for the truth they know is the truth attainable by the spirit who has completed his self-perfectment not only for Earth but also for the highest planets of our solar system. In The Mahatma Letters to A. Only, … he will be re-born in the highest—the seventh ring of the upper planet.

And so I shall finish this letter rejoicing at the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur. It is most essential to point out the difference between mediumship, psychism and true spiritual development. Much harm has been done by books about all kinds of Hatha Yoga exercises. What ignorance is displayed in thinking that the highest and subtlest can be achieved by purely mechanical methods! You are quite right when you say that people, in striving for spiritual development which to them so often means the achievement of psychic powers , forget that without active service to the General Good this development will be one-sided and unstable.

Our inner fires are kindled only through contact with people.

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Only thus can we test ourselves; only thus shall we be able to sharpen and temper the blade of our spirit. Undoubtedly, certain isolation and periodic retreat is essential for the restoration of our forces. However, constant seclusion will never provide that tension of our forces which alone can bring their refinement.

Many statements in the Teaching confirm this. Therefore, in the new evolution the former artificial methods must be abandoned.

We are absolutely averse to monasteries, for they are the antithesis of life.