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What is the difference between a mantrap and an interlocking door control system? Once the number of doors controlled by a single controller exceeds two then the term interlocking door controller should be used. However, even with the Anti-pass back option set to Hard which denies access to successive reads at the same reader, it does not prevent multiple persons from entering and exiting together and it does not provide real time accounting for the number of people in a Zone.

Other than having a guard at the door the usual method of implementing Zones does not prevent violations. One method to accomplish the first goal is to use a two door egress system as is often used in jails and similar security setups. For a medium security setup where the intent is not to prevent people from leaving only one of the doors needs to have a card reader.

Such a design is illustrated below:. The bolt on the gate would be normally de-energized allowing the gate to open freely. This is designed to allow only one person to move into or out of the Zone at one time. A person would interrupt the light at a limited number of receivers so if more than expected are interrupted it would be a violation of one person at a time and necessary action could be taken.

If material needed to be moved through the door the gated area could be made large enough to allow for a dolly or whatever might be needed.

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A different access level would be provided to those who are moving material thus preventing the alarm for too many people going through the door. This approach would restrict movement into and out of the Zone and the example given in the AIC note could be implemented to allow real time monitoring of occupancy levels in the Zone. Design thoughts: To calculate whether more than one person is in the gated area, sum the number of receivers that are detecting and compare it to a minimum, e. If material is in the gated area generate an alarm if an authorized card is not read.

Mantrap (access control) - Wikipedia

Use the alarm delay for the point to give an individual time to make a card read before sounding the alarm. The AIC scheme described in the AIC note would have to be duplicated for the material mover individuals to change the calculation of a person in the gated area.

Use an inter-card delay long enough to let the person to get out of the gated area before another card can be read. For personnel safety there must be a way to de-energize the strike.

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One method would be to mount an emergency exit button located far enough away from the door so a single person would not be able to reach it and a second emergency exit button on the outside of the Zone so someone could keep the strike de-energized until everyone is evacuated. Most codes probably require that all strikes be de-energized in case of smoke or similar emergency so that would provide another fail-safe.

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Register Now. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Failure to enter the PIN code, or trying to force either of the doors open, will trigger an alarm. An intercom system will be activated, and an announcer will notify that a guard-team has been dispatched to clear the solution, and apprehend the suspect to the police.

Such "boxes" usually also contain tailgate-prevention technologies, so that only one person can enter at a time. In history, mantraps could also cause deadly forces at the intruder , possibly by using a sleeping-gas, impaling spikes or emitting a high-energy noise.

What is a “man trap”?

Such are illegal today. Mantraps are very scary to the people who rarely use them. The smell, the sounds And when you enter a mantrap, the silence is somewhat disturbing. There's a set amount of time in which you need to enter your code, or an alarm will be triggered. This could be 10 seconds or less.

Most advanced mantraps enforce tailgating-prevention by taking it to the next level , with pressure-sensitive plates on the floor. What this means is that when you show your keycard at the first door, the mantrap recognises who you are, and fetches your last weight from the databases. When you enter the mantrap, the pressure sensitive plates at the floor will measure your weight , and if it's too far off from the last weight, it'll trigger an alarm.

This effectively prevents two people from going in together, but if you're carrying something heavy, you cannot pass. A guard-team is dispatched to investigate what you are carrying in or out. The main hacker in the movie Sneakers '92 went through a mantrap with two fortified glass doors. The second door was opened by speaking a displayed message and using a keycard.

How mantraps protect data centers from tailgating

The message was: "Hi. My voice is my passport. Please verify me.

The means by which women snare men into a life of misery. Sandy totally set a man-trap by flashing me. Mantrap sex. A woman's vagina. Her mantrap smelled oddly like curry. Poor Bob, he never should have gone anywhere near her dirty mantrap. An act performed during a threesome with three gay male participants. The man in the middle is penetrated on both ends, his mobility restricted by the simultaneous thrusts of his partners.

This is often performed in a specially built enclosure with two glory holes on opposite walls. The enclosure is also often called a mantrap.

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