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And when we become sensitive to the fact that we have hurt someone we love we are apt to be seriously upset with ourselves. We are likely to be found before the feet of the person we have hurt, crying and asking forgiveness.

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We buy that person something he or she truly enjoys, something particularly symbolic of our love-relationship with that person. We turn our lives over to the task of mending the broken bond of love. We persist until we discern the hurt fade from the face of the person we love, until, in an embrace, we feel no tension, no apprehensive, fearful reluctance, until we feel, indeed, that wound we caused the loved one to have, the deep, spiritual wound, is healed. It is only at this point that we sigh a sigh of relief and go back to our normal lives.

We have been given wonderful gifts by God, our God.

We have been given life, and the possibility of receiving fountains of living water, the fresh splash of joy and peace in fellowship with God. We have been given abilities, friends, all of the beautiful creation. But all this we have wasted.

We have allowed ourselves to be swallowed up by the dark lakes of depression which flood us with feelings of sloth and bitterness. We have given our hearts to ponder the poison of self-love, of pride, and like spoiled fruit on the tree we sour away. We have failed to see the beauty and wonder God has surrounded us with. And so we have not been worthy of being made in the image and likeness of God.

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We have received the earth as a lush field, well watered and bearing a bounty that is ripe and sweet. We have received Eden, but we have made it a desert. We have been content with far less, with comfort and luxury, than God has been wanting to give us, a spiritual, boundless, endless rapture of luminous life and love, in fellowship with Him, in His very depths.

We have given up a destiny of paradise, a paradise where the love of the Holy Trinity would be met by the priestly love of the adoring man, where the Creator and the creature would be as one, where all is in all. We would find that tears would be washing our faces, the balm of the Holy Spirit, the baptism into His marvelous light, that gives our hearts wings so that our souls might fly with the Seraphim and exchange the kiss of peace with the Mother of God and with all His saints, in whom He is pleased to dwell.


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We would want only to please God, to see His joy at our coming, to hear Him call out our names in a tone of affection and friendship, to hear Him testify before the Father and in the court of the New Jerusalem where all the hosts of the righteous stand in victory at the foot of the throne of glory, that we belong to Him, that our lives were to Him as a sweet smelling fragrance. We would hate our sin. The Church is intimately in Love with her Lord.

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