Life in the Mill

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The mill serves Damon as a hideout near the end of the episode, where he kept Sera Gearhardt after kidnapping her on James Amber 's order. Chloe arrives after getting the cash from the DA's office , in the hopes of freeing Sera and reuniting her with Rachel.

The Southern Mill Industry

She sees Frank's RV parked nearby with blood smears and decides to search for Sera first. Inside the mill, Chloe can find Damon's phone with a SMS conversation with the alleged snitch she blamed and can pick up a knife.

Elle Mills Takes Over New York

She then finds Sera, who has been tied to a chair by Damon. Chloe can try to negotiate with Damon or use the knife if she picked it up earlier, but he slaps her and she falls to the ground regardless. Frank, while nursing a stab wound inflicted by Damon earlier, comes in at that moment and attacks Damon while Chloe slowly blacks out.

When Chloe wakes up, Sera is sitting in the chair and smoking. Sera implies that Frank killed Damon and tries to convince Chloe that it's best for Rachel to never know about the incident.

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If Chloe has Rachel's bracelet, she can give it to her when Sera is about to leave. Depending on the conversation, Sera will either accept the bracelet or hand it back to Chloe. Chloe then exits the mill and drives back to the hospital.

In Episode 3, Chloe can cross out the "Don't mess with Damon Merrick" graffiti with a knife serving as an optional graffiti. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Chloe can look at and jump over the fence. Comment: "No trespassing? No way. Chloe can look at a betting stub.

Comment: "If I owed somebody a thousand dollars, I'd be shitting my pants. Chloe can look at the two men arguing. Comment: First look: "Those guys need to get a room. Or not. Chloe can look at the RV. Comment: Look before graffiti: "This RV's just begging for a little street art. But if I do it here, someone will see me.

Chloe can look at the back panel of the RV. Comment: Look before graffiti: "Ah, perfect place for me to work. Chloe can graffiti the back panel of the RV. Comment: "Now, what to draw Free candy. Chloe can look at the gas can. Comment: "Guess fire safety isn't exactly high on the agenda here.

About American Heritage

Chloe can look at and have a Moment of Calm near the bonfire. Comment: "Some say the world will end in fire. Chloe can look at the dog kennel. Comment: "This place has collected a lot of junk over the years. She can move the dog kennel towards the door after failing the backtalk, and look at it again. Comment: Move: "This thing's heavier than it looks.

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Piece of cake. Chloe can look at and listen to the back door of the mill. Comment: Look: "A second door inside? So close, and yet If I can get to it, that is. I gotta get in there! Chloe can look at the bikes. Comment: "I'd join a motorcycle gang Chloe can look at the bouncer's bike. Comment: "Nothing says badass like a nice floral print. Chloe can look at the train car. Comment: "An old lumber car. Guess it's been years since anyone's actually worked here.

Chloe can look at the machinery. Comment: "That saw looks ancient. I wonder how long ago the mill actually closed. Chloe can look at and speak to the bouncer required. Comment: "I've got to figure out how to get past this guy.

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Chloe can look at and pet a pitbull. Comment: "That dog is fierce. She can look at a drunk girl. Comment: "Sober up, girl! You're missing the show! She can look at a graffiti on the wall. Comment: "Don't mess with Damon. Thanks for the memo. To ensure the permanent union of the fibers, the yarn was then subjected to roving, where it was slightly twisted, and to spinning, where the fibers were wound still more tightly around one another. As bobbins on the spinning frames filled with thread, doffers replaced them with empty ones.

The spinner's job was to move quickly up and down a row of machines, repairing breaks and snags. Operating a spooling frame was relatively simple, but problems resulted when the threads broke. At this stage broken ends could be repaired only by tying them with a knot rather than simply twisting them together.

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If a stronger or larger yarn was desired, single threads were twisted together to produce multi-ply yarn. A final step, winding, prepared the yarn for its various uses. It could be wound into balls for sale, put into cops for the weaver to use in the shuttle of a loom, or wound on cones, tube, cheeses, or reels for later processes in the mill.

Yarn that ran lengthwise, called warp, was interlaced with yarn running crosswise, called filling or weft. The first step was the preparation of the warp, as workers mounted yarn from the winder on a large frame called a creel. They directed the threads from each cone through individual parallel wires onto a rotating beam.

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The yarn from several beams was combined, dipped into a bath of hot starch and oil, dried over steam-heated drums, and wound onto a giant spool known as a loom beam. The harness raised and lowered threads in the warp, separating them to allow for the introduction of the weft.