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So, when a woman reacts with strong disapproval of a man's forward assertions, she must be overreacting, right? A woman expresses her emotions because that is what women do best. Yet, when women are visibly upset by a man's inability to make the smallest gesture, or devastated by the selfish decision to cheat, we are so easily referred to as dramatic and irrational.

Women are not objects.

We have feelings. Feelings that can be translated into real life human emotions. Actions and words do cause equal amounts of hurt. Crude behavior and degrading commentary leave a mark that ignites our emotions, just as much as your team that lost the game ignites yours -- can you believe it? A woman has as much sexual freedom as a man does, and damn it, she's entitled to it. Why is it that a man can sleep with a new woman every night, but a woman's sexual freedom is limited and often criticized? This is a level playing field. Women are sexual human beings who thrive on love and affection as much as every man in this world.

What right do men have to pass judgment on our sexual lives? The choices that a woman makes are decided upon at her own will and consideration. If a woman is horny, you better believe that she will seek out the perfect prospect to satisfy her desires as quickly as you would yours. Gender differences across age in motor performance: a meta-analysis. Psychol Bull ; 98 : — Shepard RJ. Exercise and training in women. Part I. Influence of gender on exercise and training responses.

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Leveling the Playing Field: Can We Achieve Gender Equality in Medicine? - ASH Clinical News

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  • A Message From Women To Men: It's A Level Playing Field.

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Keynote Session: A Conversation With Christine Lagarde

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A Message From Women To Men: It's A Level Playing Field

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Harassment comes in all forms. It comes from rich, influential men exerting their power, and it comes from sad, silly bosses trying to assert their own. It comes from co-workers who are racist, and it comes from supervisors who are clueless.

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  • The fairness in this double standard of sexual attraction on a deeper level does serve a purpose.;
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We are human. But that is also the good news, because we are also hopeful and caring and daring and strong. And that is where the law comes in. While I like to poke fun at my former profession as much as anyone, to bastardize Shakespeare, I come today to praise the law, not bury it.