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Erin Scott withstood the humiliation of being abandoned at a high school prom by the man of her dreams.

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Channeling her personal feelings into work, Erin opened a department store which now flourishes and is about to expand. Just as her family gathers for the Kwanzaa celebration, her nemesis returns to town, opening old wounds and throwing her life in to passionate chaos. When he discovers they are both bidding on the same piece of property his romantic plans stall.

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Then history threatens to repeat itself complicating matters more. Can you help me? Erin Scott felt the tug on her skirt and heard the little voice at the same time. She turned away from the stack of sweaters she'd folded and refolded at least seven times that day. The store was crowded with people taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales and people returning or exchanging yesterday's ill-fitted or unwanted gifts.

Behind Erin stood a little girl about seven years old with long dark braids. My uncle said it was all right to ask a stranger for help as long as I went to the stranger and they did not come to me, her young voice explained. He also said a lady would be better than a man. Erin smiled as she stooped to the child's level. Your uncle must be a very good parent, she told her. Oh, he's not a parent. He has only me. I'm his favorite niece. She said it with all the adultness a seven-year-old could muster.

Erin stifled a laugh. No, ma'am. She shook her head from side to side. The long braids, clipped with red barrettes, slapped at her face. She had bangs that flowed dark and engaging to her eyebrows and eyelashes that Erin wished were her own. I know where I am.

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It's my uncle. He's lost. She checked over her shoulder. He was buying a gift and I looked around. Then he was gone. Erin glanced about the store. Everyone here was buying something. It was the day after Christmas, sale day. The biggest shopping day of the year, equal only to Black Friday. The store was so crowded Erin had left her office to join the sales staff.

She admitted she loved doing it, but today had been so busy she hardly had time to look at any of the people she was serving, just their credit cards or checks. Okay, Alicia Marie Allen, my name is Erin.

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She pointed to the small white name tag pinned to the lapel of her red suit with her first name printed in block letters. Erin smiled broadly. She wanted to hug the child. Well maybe in my case, he'll make an exception. Now what's your uncle's name? Erin stiffened.

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She lost her balance, putting her hand on the floor to keep from falling. It couldn't be him, she told herself. Uncle Raimi Price? Erin asked, grasping at a straw, knowing she was wrong even before the child's head bobbed up and down. There was only one person she'd ever met named Raimi.

Uncle Raimi Price, the child supplied as if on cue and with the same aplomb with which she'd given her own name.

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Erin caught her gasp before it escaped. Raimi Price was in her store. What was he doing here? When had he returned to Cranbury, New Jersey, and why did no one mention he was in town? The rumor mill here was as lively as it was in any small community. Cranbury was only a few miles square. She could walk it end to end in under an hour. Yet the grapevine had failed to get word to her that the man who'd dumped her at the senior prom was back and likely to cross paths with her at any moment.

The small hamlet in the center of the state was quiet and reserved with only a meager area they could call downtown. On any summer evening you could find people walking down the streets. At this time of year, they admired the holiday decorations and store scenes. Erin's store sat in the center of town, near the lake. When she'd bought the old warehouse building, people called her idea crazy, but today those same people shopped there regularly and spoke to her with a smile and a nod.

Any one of them could have told her Raimi was back. Yet none of them had. Had they forgotten what happened to her? It was years ago. She was thirty-two now, no longer a sophomore, and no longer in love with Raimi Price.

Kwanzaa Angel (The Holiday Collection - Book 3)

But the pain of his humiliation would live with her forever. Attorney Michael Lawrence turned his back on the law and escaped to the Maryland mountains. Discovering he's heir to a fortune, he returns to the city and works with multinational corporate president Erika St. While thoughts of her stray from the boardroom to the bedroom, someone else plans to make him pay for past deeds.

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Words: 25, Published: November 4, Finally back on her feet, Allie encounters architect Peter Barrett who literally pulls the rug out from under her, by taking the land where her tennis academy stood. Published: August 14, Robyn and Grant's happily ever after was short lived. He's held prisoner in Lebanon and her government-coerced testimony against a crime network whisked her into Witness Protection. Published: July 13, Joy Road is the story of four remarkable women from Woodmere, Goergia called Bottoms and their struggle to survive, love their men and, raise their children.

As the Great Depression puts forty percent of the country out of work, people sell apples on the streets and comfortable living quarters are traded in for Hoovervilles. Life in the colored section of Woodmere, Georgia reaches rock bottom. Published: July 2, Erin Scott withstood the humiliation of being abandoned at a high school prom by the man of her dreams. Channeling her personal feelings into work, Erin opened a department store which now flourishes and is about to expand.

Just as her family gathers for the Kwanzaa celebration, her nemesis returns to town, opening old wounds and throwing her life in to passionate chaos. Words: 30, Published: June 19, Georgiana Castleton is gifted. She knows gifts come with a price. Hers is a short life. It will take a miracle to do what they ask. And even with her gift she has no guarantee that she will succeed.