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We did a search for other books with a similar title, and found some results for you that may be helpful. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The Reports of General MacArthur include two volumes being published by the Department of the Army in four books reproduced exactly as they were printed by General MacArthur's Tokyo headquarters in , except for the addition of this foreword and indexes. Since they were Government property, the general turned over to the Department in these volumes and related source materials.

In Army and National Archives custody these materials have been available for research although they have not been easily accessible.

Battle of Okinawa - HISTORY

While he lived, General MacArthur was unwilling to approve the reproduction and dissemination of the reports, because he believed they needed further editing and correction of some inaccuracies. His passing permits publication but not the correction he deemed desirable. In publishing them, the Department of the Army must therefore disclaim any responsibility for their accuracy.

But the Army also recognizes that these volumes have substantial and enduring value, and it believes the American people are entitled to have them made widely available through government publication. The preliminary work for compiling the MacArthur volumes began in within the G-3 Section of his General Staff, and was carried forward after the war by members of the G Section, headed by Maj.

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  • The Second World War in Asia and the Pacific, 1941–45.

Willoughby with Professor Gordon W. Japanese operation in the southwest Pacific area, compiled from Japanese Demobilization Bureau records v. The area covered includes Alaska, the islands of the central and Topic: United States.

Oral history interview with Robert W. Gilbert of Advance, N.


Japanese Operations in the Southwest Pacific Area: Volume II - Part I

He graduated from John W. Hanes High School.

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Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Naval Aviation In The Pacific "The purpose of this review, which was prepared by officers on duty in the Operations Division, including Air Combat Intelligence officers with extensive service in the Pacific, is to analyze the relation between air and sea power. It is based upon the experience of naval aviation in the war against Japan as recorded in the files of the Navy Department.


The first section deals with crimes committed by army men against officers. Elaborate graphs and tables break the problem down into number and types of such crimes committed, comparisons as to frequency within given years and localities, rank of the men involved, and classification of the reasons for the crimes. One conclusion reached is that the Japanese are Holland McTyeire , ,Finch, Percy. Holland McTyeire , ; Finch, Percy, author.

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Topics: United States. War Department.

  1. Anniversario fatale (Urania) (Italian Edition).
  2. Ambient Light: An Angel McKenzie Thriller (Angel McKenzie Mysteries Book 1).
  3. South West Pacific theatre of World War II.
  4. National Archives description:"Part 1 shows supplies being loaded onto a ship and a convoy heading across the Pacific. Troops aboard ship celebrate Neptune Day.

    Admiral Nimitz Welcomes OSS Frogmen

    Troops debark at their destinations. Part 2 shows combat training at Camp Hood, Texas. Troops practice hand-to-hand combat and house-to-house fighting. An infiltration course and an obstacle course are run.

    Men cross a wide stream and scale a steep cliff. Department of the Army. Office of Military History. James O.

    Naval History and Heritage Command

    He was raised in Rockingham County. Lawson finished the sixth grade, and quit school in order to work on the family farm as he was going into the seventh grade. Navy on October 1, Topic: Intelligence Bulletin,United States. Army,United States. Naval Photographic Center film Hoover enters bldg. CU Hoover, R4D taxis.