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Those who survive huddle into Comms, protected communities that try to wait out the destruction, then crawl out and rebuild civilization before the next event. There are also remnants of an advanced civilization that persist throughout the destruction: giant, floating crystals called Obelisks.

But while these orogenes serve a useful purpose for society, their training and treatment is brutal. As someone who grew up with a deep appreciation for rocks, and later studied geology, seeing magicians deal with the Earth as a dynamic object is a real treat to behold. The Fifth Season is all about establishing this world and its norms. It opens with the start of a new Season, when a woman named Essun comes home to discover that her husband murdered their infant son and vanished along with their daughter.

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The narrative shifts between first, second, and third perspective, and by the end of the book, Jemisin provides a neat revelation: each character is the same person, at different points in her life. Where the first novel introduces the world, The Obelisk Gate tears it all down, as the Season hits and Jemisin goes full apocalyptic. After the events of The Fifth Season , Essun is still searching for her missing daughter.

But as Essun looks for a way to save the world, Jemisin jumps to the perspective of her daughter Nessun — who is just as powerful as her mother, and believes humanity should be burned to the ground for the injustices against her and her family. The story sets a collision course between the two women, who must grapple with what it means to hold power in a world of desperate people. Meanwhile, Jemison finally pulls back the curtain on the civilization that created the Obelisks, whose pursuit for power nearly destroyed the world, and flung the moon off into the depths of space.

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At its core, the Broken Earth trilogy is a story about who holds the power in this world, and how society uses and profits off of those that it marginalizes, as well as the destruction that absolute power can mete out. In The Fifth Season , Jemisin lays out an ambitious narrative in an amazingly complex and vivid world, with a story that addresses systemic problems with oppression and power — points that are all too relevant in This continues into The Obelisk Gate and The Stone Sky , each of which convey enormously complicated stories between events separated by distance and time, all coming to a single, pivotal moment at the end of the trilogy, where the fate of the world balances on the relationship between a mother and daughter.

The result is a story that tells a deeply human story of flawed characters working to not simply survive, but the lengths that they need to go in order to change a world that is literally and figuratively broken. Every now and again there comes a work that seeks to redefine the face of genre literature, from Ursula K. With the Broken Earth trilogy, Jemisin has made a place for herself among these greats, pulling off a landmark story that blends fantasy, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic tropes.

Finishing The Stone Sky left me utterly breathless by the scale and scope of what Jemisin accomplished in these three books — narratively, technically, and thematically. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Cybersecurity Mobile Policy Privacy Scooters.

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