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Main speaker at national and international conferences. Promoted with others and served as member of the Ph. Coordinator: Uberto Scarpelli. Founder: Roberta Kevelson. Cofounded the European Association for the Teaching of Legal Theory, based in Brussels, and have since sat on the board of directors. Founded the Bologna University Ph. Founder: Gregorio Peces-Barba Spain. Associate Editors : Gerald J. Stein University of Cambridge, UK.

Founded the Italian Society for Law and Literature www. He holds a Ph. His main interests are in social and legal ontology, the theory of norms and normativeness, and the philosophy of normative language.

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Bertea and G. Bongiovanni and A. Rotolo, in The Rules of Inference. Inferentialism in Law and Philosophy , eds.

Pepper Food Review: Digesting the Year That Was

Canale and G. Bongiovanni, A. In the s, Pepper painted mostly at home, often using her young daughter as a model. The two remain close and speak daily by phone. Graham recalls how her mother, dressed for an evening out, would return to her basement studio while she waited for her father, burning holes into her long white leather gloves.

She was 37, and she needed a fresh perspective. In Japan, mother and daughter dove with pearl divers; in Varanasi, India, they waded the Ganges amid the ashes from the funeral pyres. For 10 days, Pepper returned to the site to sketch the trees grappling in a kind of death match with the ancient carved heads and doorways — sculpture not simply as object but total environment, in concert with time and nature.

No matter: She approached a local blacksmith and learned from him. In the factory in Piombino, she worked three shifts a day alongside industrial laborers, who called her Bev. On many subsequent factory floors — smelly, hot, dirty — Pepper found her artistic being: She discovered the potential of Cor-Ten at U. Another lesson from the factory floor: the ability to speak, with directness and humor, across social barriers.

This is a skill that she would rely on in public commissions, which, in those predigital days, involved flying in — dressed, as always, in jeans and cowboy boots — and making a presentation in front of a board. Sixty years after her fateful trip to Angkor Wat, Pepper can no longer lift heavy tools or walk the terrain of her earthworks, yet that appetite to create and the scope of her vision remain undiminished. So what propels an artist in winter to go on, largely unrecognized, through the decades?

As she approaches her centennial, Pepper is undeniably still making some of the greatest work of her career. How, and why, does this woman of steel do it? But perhaps these are simply the wrong questions to be asking of an artist who has always had to find ways to realize her grand projects without wealth or fame.

Perhaps defying the insurmountable obstacles she faced as a woman to create her body of work is its own triumph.

#75 Monte Ne Inn Chicken (Rogers, Arkansas)

As in monumental sculpture itself, perspective is everything: the faultiness of what we call art history, with its false dream of meritocracy, reflects the limitations of the people who create it; it is, after all, not carved in stone but a living chronicle to be reinterpreted, blasphemized, blown up and rewritten. When the artist wakes in the night and reaches for her sketch pad and box of pencils, the 6-year-old trading her security for the potential of her imagination seems close at hand, as does the apprentice to art and beauty arriving in Europe at its apocalypse.

Time bends, in such moments, like a sheet of molten metal. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates. Untitled Don Quixote Project. Untitled Dr. Seuss Project. Untitled Paul Revere Project.

Transcendence: Critical Realism and God

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