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I love how the catchy leads intertwine with the crushing power chords of the rhythm guitar. This band plays very slow at times, in true doom metal fashion.

Comes the Dawn

At other times it picks up in a furious frenzy. This band's lyrics and vibe are very crust punk by nature. At the same time, the slow drawn out melodies of "A Cross to Bear" would be right at home on a doom metal record. One of my favorite moments in this album is the Pulp Fiction sample at the beginning of "A Cross to Bear. This has to be one of the most underrated demos ever.

Corner of the Night

Their blend of doom metal and crust punk is amazing and truly unique. This is a hidden gem for anyone who is into crust punk or doom metal. Hell, there's even something for fans of black metal, death metal and thrash metal thrown in here. Metal Archives loading Spouses let us down; spouses disappoint us; spouses don't keep promises. Spouses and other loved ones die. Friends move away; friendships cool, and children grow up and leave home. They begin their own lives and aren't so much a part of ours anymore.

Some stay close to us, live close to us; some don't. Parents do the best they can, but most of us have some scars and issues from childhood. Eventually, these scars leave us, also. So, we have to build our own world, plan our own lives, and learn not to depend on anyone else except God. Most of all, we realize that we can survive if we are strong. Then, anything that comes along share our lives or to make us happier is icing on the cake. And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company isn't security.

Kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises.

Comes the dawn.

After awhile you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child. And you learn to build your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain and the inevitable has a way of crumbling in mid-flight. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you stand too long in one place.

Gauteng Choristers - then comes the dawn

So, you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone else to bring you flowers. And you learn you really can endure, that you really do have worth. You learn that with every good-bye comes the dawn. Author Unknown. Who really wrote "Comes the Dawn"??? I had first credited this poem it to Veronica Shofftall.

I have looked into other seried by Ms. Shapiro and will probably start on those. I already read "The Lovers" and liked it very much.

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Oct 06, barbara evans rated it it was amazing. Great series This author did a wonderful job creating this series. The plot was superb, the characters touch you in a special way, and was spelled binding form start to finish.

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Thank you Irina Schapiro for a wonderful adventure. Sep 01, Vicki Scullion rated it it was amazing. Outstanding finish to the Wonderland Series. I read all 5 books over a few days, thoroughly caught up in the characters and the events they lived through in both the 17th century and present day. Great books! Sep 26, Linda rated it it was amazing. Unfortunately this is the last installment in the Wonderland Series and I will definitely miss the characters.

The entire series is very well written and the characters are fully drawn. Now on to the next series by Ms. May 18, Donna Arthur rated it it was amazing. Engaging characters enchanting story This series has totally drawn me in and her characters seem like friends. The ups and downs of their lives and struggles making me laugh or cry along with them. I hope to share many more adventures with them. Mar 06, Rhonda rated it it was amazing.

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What a fanciful thought to time travel. I am looking forward to more of Irina Shapiro's books. Jun 12, Leann Strait rated it it was amazing. I hate the lost feeling after finishing a loved series I'm walking around in a daze. Jun 12, Kathy Mcclung rated it really liked it. Did not want the series to end. May 07, Lori Flemming rated it it was amazing. Wonderful ending What can you say when a beloved set of characters find their wonderland. They all found what they needed in life, family and hope.

Mar 15, Andrea Cooper rated it it was amazing. Great finale This final book in the series was awesome. It gave good and thorough closure to all the characters. Loved it. Mar 13, Robin Martin rated it really liked it. I really liked this time travel series. It's not nearly as good or as in-depth as Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books, but it is a very good story that I really enjoyed. Mar 04, Shelley rated it it was amazing. I loved this series!

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Mar 03, cindy hackney rated it it was amazing. Thank you Irina Shapiro for another fantastic story. I love this series! Feb 25, Lorretta Phillips rated it it was amazing. Totally amazing series I have thoroughly enjoyed every book in this series. Many intense moments but satisfying outcomes. All of the characters became real to me.

Feb 21, Phyllis C Surface rated it really liked it. Good series Got the first book free and was hooked Enjoyed the writing style offered up by author Nov 27, Char rated it it was amazing.

Time travel is not without its problems The Everly's have some of the worst luck despite being such nice adult compassionate people. Coming from the 17th century to present day was wrote with difficulty, amazing that any of the plans worked out in this day of CCTV everywhere. This installment of the entire story like any fairy tale worked out for the best all around.

Would,I want to be in the 17th century or present time. I guess I'll,never know since the conduit between those times is closed now Time travel is not without its problems The Everly's have some of the worst luck despite being such nice adult compassionate people.