Branches of the Chassidic Menorah Volume One

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See also what's at your library , or elsewhere. Help with reading books -- Report a bad link -- Suggest a new listing. Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom onlinebooks pobox. Hasidism -- History See also what's at your library , or elsewhere. Wineberg, contrib. Lublin : [s. Levov, , by of Sasov Moses Leib, ca.

Odessa, M. Beilinson, [i.

Selikowitsch page images at HathiTrust Sefer hatikun. Czernowitz, R. Eckhardt, , by L. Varsha : Bi-defus M. Lemberg : Druck von M. Poremba, , by a. Zhitomir : Bi-defus A. Lemberg : [s. Jassy : Bi-defus T. Lemberg : Gedruckt bei M. Israel Museum Jerusalem ; a marble sarcophagus with a Menorah found in Rome, late 3rd century Museo Nazionale Rome ; a plaque against the evil eye on limestone, 5th century Institute of Archaeology collection, Hebrew University ; a gold-glass base of a vessel used as a Roman catacomb from 4th century Israel Museum , found in Rome perhaps to identify those entombed there.

Manuscripts with drawings of the Menorah. This is apparently the earliest known example of the tradition to illustrate themes of the Bible in manuscripts, which began in Spain National Library Paris, Ms. The Menorah in this manuscript has the branches at a right angle and is of various colours British Library Add. Picture of Gold-glass base of vessel. Roman catacombs. Israel museum. Found in rome perhaps to identify those entombed there. In addition to the above mentioned Hebrew Jewish Manuscripts, Christian scholars also attempted to clarify the shape of the Menorah according to their understanding.

Franciscan scholar Nicholas of Lyra used a series of comparative illustrations to show how Christian and Jewish readings of the biblical text differed.

Branches of the Chassidic Menorah Volume 1

In all these drawings he follows the view that the Temple Menorah was circular shape. One of the only Menorah drawings with straight diagonal branches can be found in a wedding poem from the Netherlands c. The Menorah is made out of the words of the poem, which might explain the desire to simplify the drawing with straight branches. Based on this textual omision, Rabbi Ricci and Rabbi Riqueti reached their conclusion that the view of Maimonides is that the branches would have been round.

The son of Maimonides further clarifies and supports this view of his father.

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Rabbi Menachem M. Evidently, they had not seen this manuscript by Maimonides for otherwise they would have concluded otherwise. Instead of deducing from the omission of the word 'diagonal' in describing the shape of the branches to mean that they would have been round, Rabbi Ricci and Riqueti would have used the illustration as an indication that the omission means they were simply straight. Furthermore, as mentioned above, this manuscript of Maimonides was purchased by Edward Pococke and sold to the University of Oxford in While Rabbi Ricci, who passed away in , apparently visited London on his travels, it is highly unlikley he would have visited Oxford, and even if he did, it is unlikley he would have been given permission to enter the Bodleian library as openly practising Jews were allowed entry into Oxford only in The catalogue appeared in , after eighteen years' preparation.

The volume includes more than 2, entries, and is accompanied by a portfolio with forty facsimiles. In a readership in Rabbinic Hebrew was founded at Oxford, and Neubauer was appointed to the post, which he held for sixteen years, until failing eyesight compelled his resignation in May, It would have likely been difficult to find access to particular Hebrew manuscripts before they were catalogued in a proper order, which took place over a hundred years after Rabbi Ricci's visit to England.

Why is the shape of the Menorah on Arch of Titus round? Picture of sarcophagus with menorah. Late 3rd c. Museo Nazionale Romano. The difficulty regarding the opinion of Maimonides is not just that it is different from all the ancient carvings in synagogues in Northern Israel and manuscripts, including an early manuscript drawing of Rashi, but that the Temple Menorah and other utensils that were taken by Titus upon the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 ce are depicted as having round shaped branches.

This would surely be proof that the shape of the Menorah that stood in the Temple had round branches! There are a number of answers to this question, which we will explore in this essay to justify the view of Maimonides.

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Firstly, it is important to note that the Menorah on the Arch of Titus is not precise in other details and therefore not reliable as a source for the accurate shape of the Temple Menorah. This is evident by the shape of the base of the Menorah, which according to all opinions should have three feet, as it states in the 'Talmud' Menachot 28b. Shay Lamora Series.

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