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One of them said he was 17 when he first met Mr. Another said he had an intellectual impairment.

Right of asylum

The victims, now in their 20s and 30s, told the court that Mr. Ludvigsen had convinced them that he could either deport them or secure their permanent residency in Norway, depending on how they responded to his demands for sex. Human rights groups said the abuse exposed at the trial represents an extreme example of a wider problem of mistreatment of newcomers in Norway, a country that promotes its credentials as a world leader in human rights. Asylum seekers are often left in limbo while they await decisions on their cases.

Their advocates said they hoped the trial raised greater awareness of their plight. Extraterritorial asylum refers to asylum granted in embassies, legations, consulates, warships, and merchant vessels in foreign territory and is thus granted within the territory of the state from which protection is sought.

Asylum decisions

Cases of extraterritorial asylum granted in embassies, legations, or consulates generally known as diplomatic asylum are often occasions for dispute. Neutral asylum is employed by states exercising neutrality during a war to offer asylum within its territory to troops of belligerent states, provided that the troops submit to internment for the duration of the war.

It is the right of a state to grant asylum to an individual, but it is not the right of an individual to be granted asylum by a state.

In ancient times asylum designated a place of sanctuary or protection from which a person could not be removed forcibly without sacrilege. Later it came to signify an institution for the protection or relief of some class of destitute or otherwise unfortunate persons; its most common uses in this sense were in orphan asylum and insane asylum.

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